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Purple symbolizes a person's self confidence and the miracle of life.


My Birthday 😚
Saturday, July 11, 2015 - Purple - 0 Comments

Alright ! This is my birthday present from my bestfriends 😘 . Hahaha this is the best birthday I ever had with all my bestfriend . Hello Kitty . U know why its Hello Kitty ? Because I dont like Hello Kitty . So, for my birthday they gave me things that I dont like . Kiranya , diorang tukar taste skali ni ... diorang bg hadiah yg birthday girl tu tak suka . Ha !! So, for my birthday, dorang bagi bende yg Hani tak suka . Amek kau !! Hahaha 😄 Btw, I dont like Hello Kitty cause Hello Kitty melambangkan warna pink . Thats why I dont like it . But, Im the person that like a cute things . So, its okay . And I dont care about the present cause I really love it . What I care about is their wish . Im crying while I read it . Their wishes are so beautiful . Arghh !! I really miss u guys . I really miss this moments . Can we be like this again after what happened to our group ? Can we ? Im sorry guys ... Im really sorry if I ever hurt you guys . I really dont mean it . Cause u guys are the best ever friends that I ever had . I dont want to lose u all .
Okay , until here I write this . 
Bye ! Assalamualaikum . 😉


Hello! Hye! Annyeonghaseyo! Assalamualaikum ... I`m Haney, 17 lovely young age. I'm just ordinary girl :* Thanks for your visit :D


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