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Purple symbolizes a person's self confidence and the miracle of life.


Something Precious 😰
Thursday, July 09, 2015 - Purple - 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hye !!!
Long time no see ma !!!
Hehehe ... miss u 😘
Btw, act today I wanna share a story .
Friendship story .
U guys , I want u to know that I really love u guys .
I want us to be like this forever .
Always care each other . Always love each other .
But, why I feel like .. we are ..
Arghh , just let it go . Forget about that .
Guys, I never ever have a friendship like this . I mean like .. friendship yg ramai2 camni ..
Korang, I dont know why .. I feel so sad when we are being like this . I love this friendship . And I want to take care of it . Cause this is the best friendship I ever had . Alaaa .. sedihnye . I feel uneasy when u guys being like this .. but, I believe everything that happen to us, have its reason and hikmah .. so, I just accept it . Guys, do u even know that I really truly happy have u guys in my life ? Do u even know that ? Im sorry if Im to selfish .. Im sorry if I did not share anything with u guys . Cause, sometimes we need someone that we really close . And yes .. I terasa dgn salah seorang or salah dua org dari u guys . But, I will not let it out . Cause I know who I am . Seriously talk, Im very sad right now . I feel like I want my school life end right now . Please, cepat lahhh SPM . Im sorry u guys ... but, Im really sad until I cant calm myself . I wanna end it here . Guys, finally I know, rainbow is not always be beautiful. It also can turn to the other side. Im sorry ... 😖 But, I truly happy to have u guys in my life . And Im sorry for what happen to us . I miss our best moments . I want us to be like that again, my love . I want that ... can we ? But, when this all happen, it makes me open my eyes widely . And yes ! What my cousin said was true . I never expect that we will become like this . Seriously ... I never expect this will happen . But, I know ... Allah test us, right ?? He want us to be strong for our friendship ... 😊 so, Insyaallah ... if Allah wills it ... we will be friends until Jannah my sayangs . 😘 Alright, until here I share it with u guys . So, nite ! Sorry for my broken english . 😌


Hello! Hye! Annyeonghaseyo! Assalamualaikum ... I`m Haney, 17 lovely young age. I'm just ordinary girl :* Thanks for your visit :D


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