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Bout Him
Monday, October 05, 2015 - Purple - 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum . Hye !
Okay, hari nii and tgh2 mlm nii ...
Hani nk share something .
Okay, ni pasal Hani punye perasaan .
Orrite, sbelum ni pon Hani ad cite pasal the guy that I like tu kann ?? Haihhh ... act, I tried .
Tried to get rid of him from my heart, my mind and everything!!
But, I can't . 😞
Seriously... Almost 3 years I like him .
Yasss ... I'm not a person that will confess to someone I like . I like to keep it . But, u know ... if u keep ur feelings by urself ... it will hurt u .
Yass, really hurt untill I feel like I wanna cry .😢
Idk why I like him . Nak kate sbb die hensem ... ermmm, rmai lg kot yg hensem kat skolah tuu .
Nak kata die baik . Yass, tgk muka mcm baik . But idk him . So idk lahh ... Hani tk tau atas reason apa Hani suka die . I called him PENGUIN . Hahahaha 😂 penguin comel ok ??? Sesuai lah dgn die walaupun die tk comel . Hahahahaha 😂
Hani tk tau die org yg mcm mne ... seriously dont know . Act, post kali nii nk buat pnjg2 . Tp, tk de idea and ngantuk yg gilo2 . Hahahahahaha . Okay lah . Esok sambung k ??
Bye !! Muahh 😘😘
Assalamualaikum 😃


Hello! Hye! Annyeonghaseyo! Assalamualaikum ... I`m Haney, 17 lovely young age. I'm just ordinary girl :* Thanks for your visit :D


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