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Hurt 😔
Thursday, December 03, 2015 - Purple - 0 Comments
Hye ... assalamualaikum .
Hani nk share story . Nmpk tak tajuk kat atas tu ??
Nmpk kan ?? Okay, actually ...
My feelings start again .
Start to kill me again . Start to make me feel so down... 
And yasss, now, I feel it .
Arghhh !! Its hurt me .
Its really really hurt me .
So hurt me .
Kalau mcm ni ... mcm mane aku nk buang kauu ??
Kalau mcm ni ... mcm mane aku nk lupakan kauu ??
Kalau mcm ni ... mcm mane aku move on ??
Tolong lah jgn tunjuk lover kau kat aku .
Possibility untuk aku benci lover kau sgt tinggi .
Tinggi menggunung weyh .
Aku tak nak benci dia ... sbb dia ... hmmm
Tapi, kau boleh buat aku benci dia weyh .
Hati aku sakit .
Sakit sangat .
I hate the way u look at me .
It feels like Im so cheap .
Even if u dont like me . Dont look at me like that .
Perasaan suka tu lumrah hidup . Bukan aku yg paksa diri aku suka kauuu . Bukann .. untuk apa aku paksa ?? Sbb aku tahu akhirnya akan melukakan aku ??
So, please ... if u dont like me, please dont look at me like im a monster . Like u hate me so much . Even if I hate u already . But, I never ever look at u in that way . I try to control it cause I know u are not mine .
So, for what ?? For what I look at u like that ??
Its useless . Really useless .
To u, I know Im not as pretty as her ...
I know Im not the best as her ...
I know Im not the one in ur heart ...
I know I have many lacks in ur eyes ...
I know Im not as perfect as her ...
But, please ... dont look at me in that way .
I feel like Im too useless .
U make me looks like Im so ugly to u .
I feel so sad .
Im hurt .
Please ...
Im sorry for my english yg gila merapuu .
Okay, bye !!


Hello! Hye! Annyeonghaseyo! Assalamualaikum ... I`m Haney, 17 lovely young age. I'm just ordinary girl :* Thanks for your visit :D


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