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No feelings 😌
Wednesday, December 02, 2015 - Purple - 0 Comments
Hye ! Assalamualaikum .
Yeayyy !! Hani is back !! Huhuhu
SPM done !
Its a relief 😜
Alright, first thing I wanna share is about my feelings . Why ?? What happened ??
Okay, meyh ceq cita nah !
On the grad night . I cried .
Gila2 punya nangis . Want to know the reason why I cried ?
It is because I didnt get to take a pic with him .
Honesty, from depth of my heart, I feel so stupid cause I cried just because of that . Yeah, so stupid . But, then its a relief cause I can expressed my feelings ...
Untuk sekian lamanya memendam perasaan ... akhirnya lepas jua . And yass ! It makes me stronger than before .
that night, Aida, my friend ... help to calm me .
Im so grateful cause she always be with me when I need someone .
Thank u, aida . Love u so much 😘
The next day after grad, that boy post a pic .
That pic is showed me the girl who still in his heart .
I never thought that he will post it .
Never ever .
But, he post it .
I feel like ermmm . Alright, thanks so much .
Cause its really break my heart into pieces .
After that I start to move on .
Then, I knew something that I should not .
On the evening of grad day, someone said something that makes me feel LOL gila kauu .
Aku tak sangka kau mcm ni ... 
Sangat tak sangka .
And aku try jauhkan diri dari kauu sbb aku nak elakkan rasa benci hadir dlm diri aku untuk kauu .
Sbb kau _____ aku .
So, aku nk elakkan ada perasaan tu .
Tapi, pndg saja muka kau, aku ingat dia .
Pndg je muka dia, aku ingat kauu .
Sakit weyh .
Sakit sangat .
Tapi, nak buat mcm mana pndai cari penyakit, pndai lah cari penawarnya, kan ??
After I know all of that ... I just let my feelings just follow the flow . I didnt force my heart to forget u, boy . No . I just follow the flow .
But, then I feel so easy to start to forget all bout u .
Ermmm, yass ... now I will start to forget bout u .
But I will not force my feelings ... cause if I force it, my feelings towards u, will be more and more .
So, I just let it go by time .
And now ... I will not see u again .
Lega rasanya .
Dah abis skolah .
No more hurts 😂
So, lets start a new life 😍
I will definitely forget bout u, boy .
Just wait and see .😌
Thanks sbb prnh mengisi ruang hati yg kosong walaupun ianya sakittt .
But, I feel so grateful .
Thank u .
And to that girl ... please be a nice girl next time .
Thank u cause u be the reason for me to get rid of him from my heart .
Thank u, girl 😊

Okay lahh ... ni first story yg hani nk kongsi . And hani dah kongsi dah pon 😂
So, just wait for the next story 😘
Bye !! Assalamualaikum . See ya !! 😉 


Hello! Hye! Annyeonghaseyo! Assalamualaikum ... I`m Haney, 17 lovely young age. I'm just ordinary girl :* Thanks for your visit :D


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